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Slot Guide Reviews

In order to better understand my competition, and to get a good chuckle, I have decided to purchase several of the other slot machine secrets, tips, tricks, guides, systems, strategies, and other assorted information from the internet. From what I've seen so far, they are a waste of money. For your benefit, and I suppose for mine as well, I'll go over a little bit about what I've learned from those other guides.

Note: I will not violate any copyright rules or 'steal' anyone elses' information, nor do I intend to do so. Everything I have written in my guide is from my own personal experience as a slot technician. Everything I list here is, or could be with minimal searching, common knowledge among experienced slot players. I purchased all of the guides I review here with my own money, and these are meant to be as unbiased as possible considering I'm a technician, and know when I'm being lied to.

Since I need to know the competition and see what I'm up against, and since many of these guides are not terribly expensive, I decided I would go ahead and grab a few, just to see what they had to say. I also wanted to make sure I wasn't selling a guide with the same information that has been recycled over and over again. I'll admit, some of the information I have to share IS in those other guides, though it isn't presented in the same way. Mostly though, at least so far, I have nothing to worry about.

One thing I have definitely noticed in all the guides I have purchased is that there is quite a bit of misinformation. Some are, as I have said, outright lies. In order to get you to buy, they post big messages with flashy text saying you will win lots of money by using the system outlined in the guide. What's really shocking is that all but one I have seen don't even explain a real 'system' once you read them. Most of what is written in those guides is pure common sense and generalities that any experienced slot player should know. Nowhere in any guide I've seen did they come right out and say, "Ok, here's our system and how it works... go get 'em!" or anything remotely similar. The one guide that DID have a system was more like, "Well, here's something you can try, it's worked for us so you can try it, not sure if we're just lucky or if it's really a way to tell if the machine is going to be a winner, but it doesn't hurt to try," or something to that effect. The reason they say it like this is because... well... they have no idea what they're talking about.

I do.

Even if you don't buy my guide, which is full of useful information that will make you a better player, I hope my site has at least convinced you not to waste your money on these:

On with the reviews!

The first guide I received proclaimed that it was the work of a programmer who "breaks his silence." Now, I've seen this guide in many places online. Some say the programmer is a 14 year programmer, some say he was a 12 year programmer, some sell it for $10 and some sell it for much more. This one also claims that it includes extras on blackjack, craps, and roulette. The problem I saw right away was that, not only was the guide very small, but the slot portion wasn't even half the book! Here's a guide telling you that you'll learn the secrets of slots, and slot this and slot that, and more than half of the (very small) guide has NOTHING to do with slots. Of course, this book, like most others, proclaimed that it is hated by the casinos and the information is very secret, not to be shared with the public. Oops.

Of course, I might be wrong about the info because the guide I'm referring to has LOTS of GREAT testimonials backing it up.

Let's examine that.

I'm going to paste this from my FAQ Page, just because it's so relevant:
What about all those other guides that have testimonials? They must be on to something!

Don't believe it, even for a second. Of course, I'm sure that those testimonials are mostly from real people who really won. Here's the thing they don't tell you: If they sell thousands, or even only hundreds, of their guides to people, and those people play slots, the fact is that SOME of those people will win. Even without a guide, some people will win. You don't hear testimonials from people that lose using those systems, because the guy that sells them would be out of business. I'm sure there are far more losers than winners, only because that's the way that slots work. What the guy selling those systems is betting on is that you'll fall for his "New Secret Slot System Guaranteed to Make You Money Every Time You Play" and when you actually lose... what recourse do you have? E-mail him? Call him? Sue him over $30 or $40? Nah, you'll just bite the bullet and forget about it. Chalk it up to a learning experience. And if you suddenly start winning... boy! It MUST be that new system I just bought! I can't believe I just won $15,000! I can't wait to get home and thank this guy! By the time you start losing again (because it will happen), you've already thanked him and he has his testimonial. It's sneaky, underhanded, unethical, and it works. That's why they do it.
It's so relevant because this is one of the guides that I see using it the most. Don't fall for it. There was almost no information in this guide that isn't common knowledge or common sense. Don't waste your money on it.


The second guide I received was a bit more interesting, though shorter. I suppose by the time you take out the non-slot stuff from the first one though, they're both about the same length. It was at least interesting, though it was not written very well, had bad grammar, etc. Now, I'm not going to fuss about bad grammar because I, myself, am not an expert, but this guide was also full of common sense information. It tells you things like; Don't believe in superstitions, don't play too fast or you'll lose all your money, play loose machines, if you have a lucky machine keep playing it, if two progressive machines have the same hold (like you'll be able to tell) play the one with the higher jackpot, don't play tight machines... DUH! I also noted at least two points the author made that were either completely untrue or not usually true. I don't think he was lying, I just think he is mis-informed. I've seen quite a bit of this while reading these guides, and it doesn't surprize me because they don't work on slots for a living... like I do.


On to the third guide I received. It was very well written and the author was very personal. I tend to like that style, so that raised my marks for this guide. That was, however, until I read one statement the author made. Now, again, most of the information in the third guide I got was about budgeting and playing loose slots, how to find them, where to find them, etc. (All of which is in my guide... you don't need to go elsewhere for that information even though it's everywhere). That one statement, however, was such terrible bit of mis-information that I literally (no joke) raised my hand to my mouth, sucked in my breath, and uttered out-loud to nobody, "He didn't just say that!?!" Again, I don't think it was an intentional lie, but a mis-informed author. This author proclaimed that he worked for a company that sold components of slot machines to a casino. That's fine and good, but it really doesn't mean you know how the whole machine works. There were other bits of slight not-so-true or not-neccessarily information in there too, but that's to be expected from an author who doesn't work on slot machines or design them for a living. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that the entire last 6 pages of the guide were nothing but poker pay-tables and their percentages. I tell you pretty much the same information in my guide, though you won't need to memorize paytables, you'll be able to identify a good poker game without them. If you want endless analysis of poker paytables that won't really help you though, go for it.


I was really looking forward to this one because it made a claim that I knew it couldn't back up. I must say it looked impressive, good thing too because it wasn't cheap. Lots of pages of info, nice pictures, laid out well. All of that, however, does no good if the information is garbage. Guess what... I was right about that claim. The claim it made was that, with this system, you could tell the exact payout percentage of a slot machine within two minutes, and it worked on any machine in the world. That could be very useful to me, because I wouldn't need to open up the machine or look in the computer anymore to find out for my job. I could just look at the machine to know, and that would save me a lot of time! Unfortunately, within the first part of this very guide I read, "With these slots, there is absolutely no way to know what the percentage of the machine is." So much for all the machines existing in this world I suppose. On the other hand, this guide did give some information on how the machines operate, but most of it was inaccurate at best. The absolute worst advice it had to offer was to look for patterns in the way non-paying symbols are lined up. This does not work. I'll tell you exactly why in my guide, but that is definitely not a good way to find a better paying machine. This is also what is known as the zig zag or diagonal method. It's laughable at best. It certainly doesn't hurt to try it for fun but... well... it just doesn't work. But wait, there's more. It goes on to say that hitting buttons during the spin in certain combinations may make the machine hit better for you. I almost laughed out loud because this, also, does not work. It's one of the biggest misconceptions about slot machines. And, you guessed it, you'll find out why in my guide. A rather large portion of this guide was devoted to the above two bits of information, and they are total bunk, fiction, and worthless.

And there you have it.

Most of these guides come with the standard fare of common sense and budgeting material, filling page after page of the same old boring topics. I'm certainly not going to sit here and tell you that my guide doesn't contain common sense information or much of the same information many other guides have, because it does. The difference is that I don't harp on it, and I don't devote the greater portion of my guide to common sense topics as the others do. A lot of what getting the best odds at a slot machine is.. is using common sense. There are also quite a few things that common sense either won't tell you, or that go against common sense, that will help you hit more frequently. That's what I spend most of the time on in my guide.

The bottom line is that all the guides I've read, even if they state otherwise, read as though they are written by a player. I know this, because I have a guide written by a real honest to goodness technician to compare them against. Who would you rather get your information from?