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After my last major rewrite I decided that the book was good enough and contained enough quality content to have it professionally narrated. The AudioBook version of EGDSecrets far exceeded my expectations, and is an incredibly easy way to relax and enjoy the best slot machine information available. Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer, the EGDSecrets AudioBook is the perfect way to get my information on the go. Download the MP3 and put it in your iPod or other portable music player. Burn it to a CD, or order the CD yourself from my CreateSpace store. Take it with you on the plane to Vegas, or on the road to Atlantic City. Bring your earbuds and listen to it while you're playing your favorite slot machine. Follow along with me as I describe how to find the highest payback machines in the casino.

The quality of the recording is supurb. Listen for yourself:

About EGDSecrets

EGDSecrets - Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer

The Random Number Generator

EGDSecrets - Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer

Casino Layout, Where to Find That Lucky Machine

EGDSecrets - Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer

Sample Question and Answer

EGDSecrets - Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer

No matter if you would like to listen in the car or on the plane, or if you would just rather have it read to you than read it yourself, the audiobook is a perfect way to get the best odds. Imagine listening to it on the road to Vegas, winding through the mountains of the Southwest hearing all the information you'll need to be the best player possible once you get there. If you're going with a group, it's absolutely perfect since you'll all be able to listen to it, get the information, and discuss what you're learning right there. If you have any questions about it once you get to the hotel, email me, and I'll be glad to answer them!

Remember, ordering multiple versions gets a discount, and using the audiobook as a compainion to the downloaded guide is a great deal.

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