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Order the Guide Now! Guide - Perfect Bound Paperback

After two years of offering only the electronic version of my guide to the public, I decided to expand out into the world of printing. It turns out that it was a very good decision, because the printed version of the guide has been very popular. People like having something in their hands that they can feel, see, and read wherever it may be that they do their finest reading.

I initially decided on CafePress to print my book, but after doing some looking and evaluating different options and draft copies of the book I've settled on CreateSpace to do my printing. Their printing process is second to none, and since they're owned by Amazon, you know they have great quality and turnaround time. The EGDSecrets Paperback is a great quality book that you can take with you wherever you go, including into the Casinos!

Of course, I wouldn't sell it without making sure it's very high quality, so I had to get my own copy first. I wanted to show you what you'll be getting, so here it is sitting on my dining room table. Yes, that's my hand in the picture.

EGDSecrets Guide - Win at slots
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There you have it, a real picture of the actual guide that I received when I ordered it from my very own site. I was actually quite impressed with the quality, which is why I finally settled on CreateSpace.

So why get a printed book rather then an electronic version?

  • No need to print out a lot of pages if you want to take it with you
  • It's just the right size to take into a casino as a reference while you play
  • Read it in bed, read it in your favorite chair, read it on the throne... anywhere you want
  • You can RESELL... yes that's right, I said RESELL the printed version of the book
  • It makes a great gift for a friend or loved one who enjoys gambling

So, what's the catch? The catch is that it costs you a little more than the electronic versions. You'll also need to pay for shipping. These extra charges are not mine, they're what CreateSpace charges to print the book. Every time someone orders the printed copy of the book, it costs me about $10 to have it made, and I don't see any of the shipping money. If you take away the shipping and the cost of printing I'm still making $25, so I get the same either way.

Of course, I would much rather you get the printed version of the guide. Even though I don't see any extra money from it, the print version does have my name and website address on it, and I designed it so you can take it into the casino. I'm hoping some other players will see you using it (and winning more) and get curious enough to visit my site. It's a win / win situation for both of us.