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What is the 'Mobile Version' of the EGDSecrets Guide?

The Mobile version has been designed specifically for use with Mobile Devices such as the iPhone, Palm Pre, or any other WebKit enabled mobile phone. It has the same information and format of the full Electronic Version of the guide except that it has been created for reading on the go. Check it out.

Yes, that's really me holding my iPhone with a copy of the guide ready to go. The Mobile version sports a smaller file size, less frills, and a removal of any extra whitespace that exists in the book version. It's designed to be much easier to read on mobile devices. Now you can easily take an entire copy of the guide with you to the casino and look up facts, check strategy, or debunk myths on the fly.

When you order the mobile version your mobile account will be created at the EGDSecrets Mobile Website. Don't worry, there's no signup or password to remember, your mobile page is created for you automatically as soon as your order is placed. Visit your mobile page to immediately view a copy of the guide anytime you want with your internet enabled phone. What's that? You can't get internet service in the Casino, or you don't want to wait for it to download over a slow wireless connection? No Problem! On your mobile page you'll be able to enter your mobile e-mail address (or an email accessible by your phone) and have a copy of the mobile guide sent right to you. Once you have it in your email program, you'll be able to read it whenever you like, even if you're not connected to the internet.

If all of this sounds too complicated, don't worry, it's actually very simple.
  • Choose the mobile download version from the order page
  • Complete your order either via PayPal or Directly on
  • Once your order is processed, your Mobile ID will be created and you'll be taken to a page where you'll see all the information you'll need
  • A link right to your Mobile page will be sent to your confirmation e-mail address
  • Visit that page in your mobile device anytime you would like to instantly download a copy of the guide
  • From the same page you can also have a copy of the guide sent to your mobile email, so you'll have a copy on hand even if you don't have internet service
  • That's it!
Not only is it just that easy, but the address of your Mobile Page is simple and easy to remember. It will look just like this:

Isn't technology wonderful?