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FAQs about EDGSecrets and the Guide to Slot Machines

Here I have listed some Frequently Asked Questions and other information regarding my guide, myself, and this website. If you have any questions that are not answered here, please don't hesitate to e-mail me at

Who are you really, and why don't you disclose your real name?
  • Honestly, I only use a pseudonym to protect myself and make the site and guide more easy to read and personable. If I were to use my real name, the company I work for could find out I'm publishing this guide and have me fired. It's standard procedure in the industry for technicians to sign a waiver stating that all information they gain from working for the casino is proprietary and confidential, and a breach of that will result in a speedy termination. While I hope this guide makes me some moneyto pay for things like college, I don't expect it to supplant my wage as a technician, and I cannot afford to lose my job. While the information in this guide does not disclose any confidential information about the specific company I work for, my employer would very likely not care and only look at the fact that it could lose money because of me.

You say you work for a casino.. which one, or at least, where at?
  • For the same reasons mentioned above, I cannot disclose that information. All I can tell you is that it is a casino located in the United States. Even though casinos and regulators vary widely around the country, most of the information in my guide will pertain to almost all of them. Most slot machines in the country are from the same manufacturers (such as IGT, Aristocrat, Konami, Williams, Sigma, Bally, etc) and I have worked on all those listed and more. Even though they are from different manufacturers, they all operate almost the exact same way and the information in the guide can be applied to them.

OK then, if that is the case, how do I know you're actually a technician and not a fraud?
  • Well, honestly, I guess you don't. All you have is my word. Unfortunately that's something I cannot prove, though I'm sure once you read the guide you'll be able to tell I'm being honest. The information in there isn't something just anyone could write up using common sense like most of the guides I've read. Everything on this site and in the guide is the truth with the exception of my name.

How do I pay for the guide, and is it secure?
  • I take all major credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover) as well as PayPal for any of the electronic versions of the guide right here on my site. Either way you go, credit card or PayPal, you'll get the guide almost immediately after your payment. As soon as the payment is processed you're sent directly to the site to get your download. You can rest assured that the portion of my site where you make your payment is completely secure and verified by GoDaddy. If you would rather have a paperback copy of the guide or a CD copy of the AudioBook, you can get it from my CreateSpace store. CreateSpace, much like PayPal, allows me to remain anonymous while providing you with the guide in book form that you can actually hold and take with you to the casino. Also just like PayPal and, CreateSpace is 100% secure.

Can I use any other form of payment than a Credit Card or PayPal?
  • Not at this time. Unfortunately, if I were to take payments through the mail then my address would need to be disclosed, and as you read above... I can't do that if I want to keep my job. I'm sorry if you can't use a credit card for any reason, but please understand my position. If you don't have a credit card, but do have a PayPal account, you can always pay via e-check.

If I think the guide is junk, can I get a refund?
  • I certainly hope you don't think that if you purchase it, because I spent a good deal of time on it. In the case of the electonic downloads from my site (PC Version, Mobile Version, or MP3 Audio Version), I do not offer refunds of any kind. This is simply due to the fact that these files cannot be returned to me, and there is no way for me to verify that they have been deleted from your computer. If I did allow refunds, then anyone could download a copy of the guide, claim they didn't like it, ask for a refund, and get to keep a free copy for themselves. Most of the other people who are selling information like this do offer a refund or a guarantee of some sort, but good luck getting it if you get burned by them. Since I'm trying my best to be completely honest to you about everything in the guide and on the site, instead of saying you'll get a money back guarantee and not coming through on it, I just can't offer one.

    On the other hand, if you order either a Paperback Copy or an Audio CD from CreateSpace, those items are subject to CreateSpace's return policy which I have no control over. At this time CreateSpace only offers returns and exchanges on misprinted or defective books and CDs.

What makes YOUR guide so much different from everyone else's out there... there seem to be hundreds of them?
  • In one simple word? Honesty.

    I will tell you, and you don't have to believe me but it's the truth, most of what is in those other packages are either deceptive or outright lies. I can say that because I know better, many people don't. I've looked at several of the more popular packages, and they make outrageous claims they cannot support. Once you look at their guides you come to realize that the claim is only a half-truth. The few guides that exist which don't lie outright aren't written by a slot technician, so the auther doesn't have first hand experience with the machiens and how they operate. This is a big deal, because it means I KNOW what I'm talking about rather then trying to guess or relate second hand information.

    The other big thing that seperates me from the rest is that I focus on how to get the best odds possible, which is the only thing you can actually control. Using my guide you'll be able to know the difference between a loose machine and a tight machine, where to usually find them in the casino, and how to play them to get the best odds and the highest hit frequency. I will also go over several strategies that you can use to play the machines, but all they are is a guideline to help you get better odds, extend your playtime, and therefore increase the chances of getting a big win. I can't say you WILL win ALL the time because that isn't the truth. That's just a portion of the truth you'll find in my guide, but all of it will be true.

What about all those other guides that have testimonials? They must be on to something!
  • Don't believe it, even for a second. Of course, I'm sure that those testimonials are mostly from real people who really won, just like some of mine are. Here's the thing they don't tell you: If they sell thousands, or even only hundreds, of their guides to people, and those people play slots, the fact is that SOME of those people will win. Even without a guide, some people will win. You don't hear testimonials from people that lose using those systems, because the guy that sells them would be out of business. I'm sure there are far more losers than winners, only because that's the way that slots work. What the guy selling those systems is betting on is that you'll fall for his "New Secret Slot System Guaranteed to Make You Money Every Time You Play" and when you actually lose... what recourse do you have? E-mail him? Call him? Sue him over $30 or $40? Nah, you'll just bite the bullet and forget about it. Chalk it up to a learning experience. And if you suddenly start winning... boy! It MUST be that new system I just bought! I can't believe I just won $15,000! I can't wait to get home and thank this guy! By the time you start losing again (because it will happen), you've already thanked him and he has his testimonial. It's sneaky, underhanded, unethical, and it works. That's why they do it.

    My testimonials, on the other hand, are all from real people who didn't neccessarily win, but are now armed with the information that makes them the best players they can be. Take a look and see. Notice how many say they won a huge jackpot vs how many just say thank you for the great and helpful information. My goal isn't to make you a millionaire, it's to make you a better slot player.

I suppose it's great if you're offering the truth, but I want results! Why should I fork over the dough if it's not going to help me win?
  • Now that is a great question! I never said I can't help you win, I just said I can't guarantee that you will. There is much more to playing a slot machine than pulling the handle (as I'm sure you've heard if you've been looking for guides). Most guides tell you to budget, stick with hot machines, dump cold ones, don't chase your money, etc etc. I find all that useful, but really it's common sense and something that most experienced slot players should know about. I go beyond that. I'll show you things like how to get better odds by playing smarter (not just budgeting and blah blah blah), how to quickly and easily identify a good poker machine, how to get the highest hit frequency out of any reel game (if you don't know what that means, I explain it in the guide with examples), and you'll learn how they work... exactly how they all work. That includes how they decide when, how, and how much to pay you. Some of it can get a little bit complicated, but if you buy my guide and are genuinely confused on something then you can e-mail me and I'll work with you to explain it. I'm a real person, I'm not a selling robot someone set up to let them earn money while they sleep. There is much more than just that in the guide, and it even includes the information that is standard issue in all the other guides, even though I don't spend a lot of time on it, just so you don't have to go and buy them. Add to that the fact that it's all true... well, that means you don't have to go around wasting even more money on worthless systems and ineffective strategies.

So you say that everything in your guide is the truth, if I find something that's false that's false advertising!
  • Honestly that's not something I'm terribly worried about, I have confidence in my knowledge. Remember, the information in my guide isn't guaranteed to make you money or to hold true for every single casino in the country. It will, however, be true for 99% of casinos and game manufacturers. If you can find a piece of information in my guide that is false... completely and undeniably, then not only will I give you your money back, but I'll double it. That's how sure I am that my information is honest. How many other guides are there out there that will do that? None that I know of, there's a pretty simple reason.

C'mon Mark, spill it. I KNOW you know ways to make the machines win. I'm paying for it, why not just tell me?
  • Trust me on this one. If I were a teacher I'd make you write it 100 times on the board, "There is no secret, magic bullet, button, setting, trick, or ANYTHING ELSE!" You've been duped into thinking there is because everyone says there is. There isn't. None. No Way. If there was I wouldn't be a technician. I would be rich. My family would all be rich. My friends would all be rich. This guide would sell for hundreds, not $25. There have been machines in the past that had a 'backdoor' built into them so that when someone hit the right sequence of buttons the machine would pay a jackpot on the next spin or next few. That isn't only illegal, it's VERY illegal. The programmer who left the backdoor in the program is now in jail and the game was recalled very quickly. Those who did the trick and were caught are in jail. It's not like card counting, which is frowned upon but not illegal. Cheating is the only way to win all the time, and in the end you almost always lose. DON'T CHEAT.

    There is, however, a difference between a smart slot player and a dumb one. Most slot players are dumb, not because they have a low IQ or because they aren't intelligent, but because they've never been shown or taught how to play effectively to get the best odds. What I can teach you is how to play smart. By playing smart, you'll increase your odds of hitting combinations and increase your odds of getting a big payout. It's all in the guide, along with lots of fact and fiction just like this.

Mark, I won big! I used your guide and hit a jackpot, I can't believe it! Thank you!
  • That's great! That's exactly what I want to hear, good for you. Please, if you win using my guide and want to let me know then please do. Also, even if you don't win a big jackpot and are having better luck, which I think you will, tell me that too... that's my real goal.

Here's some more FAQs from people who have visited the site and were thinking of purchasing the guide:

Does your guide come with a virtual slot machine game to practice with?
  • Not at the moment, no. There are many many places on the internet that will allow you to practice playing a slot machine, but most of them don't have the same 'feel' as a real world machine. I also can't vouch for the integrity of online slots, so I don't recommend playing them... at least not to practice for when you play a real one.

Does your guide relate to 'non-coin' machines, such as those that take tickets and those that operate on a card?
  • The answer is YES! Almost all machines in the USA are made by the same manufacturers and work the same way. The only way that ticket and card machines differ is how they take your money (so to speak).

Will your guide relate to online slot machines?
  • The answer here is, "Only if they're programmed to work the same way as a real world machine." The problem is that an online slot machine can work however the programmer who designed it wants it to work. It isn't bound by physics, circuit boards, computer chips... or regulations. For this reason I don't recommend that you play online slot machines. If you do, then be very wary of where you play them and how they're programmed. Since I can't be sure of how an online slot machine works without having programmed it myself, I usually respond with a NO to this question when someone asks.

How accurate is your guide? Don't they constantly upgrade and tweak settings on slot machines?
  • You are correct. Upgrades happen all the time, and new themes and programs are always moving in and out of the casino. It's hard to keep track sometimes. Game setups also change regularly from game to game, and things are always moving around. That's the nature of the business. The good news is that the information in the guide will work even when the themes or options change! The information isn't game specific, it works on almost all types... even ones that aren't available yet. How do I know this? You'll understand once you read the guide.

Will your guide work with slot machines in Canada, The Bahamas, Singapore, etc. etc.?
  • The answer to that is this: "Most Likely." I don't personally have experience anywhere other than the United States, so I cannot honestly say that I know my guide will work in any other country. As I've said before, MOST slot machines are made by the big names, and they work the same way no matter where they are. Some countries, however, may not follow the strict guidelines that casinos in the United States must follow. This means that they may have slots made by "Joe's slot machine shack" or any other off brand. If you do go to another country and wish to follow the guidelines in the guide, find an IGT, Williams, Bally, Konami, Aristocrat, Atronic, or Sigma. A slot host or tech at the casino you're playing in should be able to point you to the manufacturer you're looking for. In all likelyhood the information in the guide will work for ANY slot machine manufacturer, but I can't say for 100% sure, so I'm not going to stretch the truth. Note that other countries also may not be bound to percentages like the US is, so you may be in for some high holds!

I noticed in these FAQ that you say you don't offer money back... yet a couple of paragraphs down you offer double your money back. What gives?
  • I've been called out on this a couple of times, but have yet to change my policy. The reason? Because both parts of the FAQ are true, and they actually don't contradict each other, if you pay attention to what I'm saying.
    Because of the nature of the information and the fact that it is a digital download, I don't offer money back if someone is unsatisfied. If I did, anyone could download the information and just claim they are unsatisfied, take their money back, and still have a copy of the guide on their computer. Also, rather than claim I can give a money back guarantee when I actually can't, or not say anything at all, I want those who purchase the guide to be aware that getting their money back due to satisfaction issues isn't an option once the guide has been purchased.
    My double money back guarantee, however, is ONLY in the case that you find information in my guide that is dishonest or untrue. If you can prove that something I say in my guide is totally and blatantly false, I'll give you your money back and an extra $25 on top of it. I do that in order to reassure you that what you're getting in this guide is the truth... because most of the other guides out there are packed with lies. In over four years of offering this guide to the public, I have never once had anyone take me up on it.

Again, if you have any questions or concerns not listed here please send me an e-mail. I'll get back to you as soon as I can, and I'll probably put the question up on this page so everyone can see the answer.