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Here is a sample from the actual page that my customers get to view once they've purchased the guide. It contains answers to many of the questions they've asked me.

One of the greatest things about purchasing my guide is that, not only do you get access to the guide and all of the information, but you get access to this page and all the answers it contains. You also get access to me and my knowledge of slots. The actual page contains an answer to each of these, and many other questions. I try to throughly answer any question posed to me by my customers.

Slot Questions Asked by Guide Readers

  • What exactly is a payback percentage?

  • Do the odds change at all if I bet more or less on a multi-line game?

  • There are many machines that have a 'stop' button. Does hitting the stop button and stopping the reels have any effect on the outcome?

  • When I go into a bonus on a video game, does the game already know what amount I'm going to get, or are the amounts really behind each 'pick'?

  • On video poker games like Triple Play, Five Play, Ten Play, how and when does the machine determine what cards to draw for each hand?

  • Does stopping play, starting play, or turning the machine off and on reset the machine in any way?

  • When I play a multi-denom machine, do the odds change when I change denoms? How about the way it pays?

  • How often do casinos change the payback percentage on their games?

  • What happens to a machine once the casino takes it off the floor, and why are they taking off popular machines... because they're paying too much?

  • When I am playing, every once and a while the machine pauses. The machine will make a slight click and then resume. Sometimes when I place a bet, it will pause and then click and then register my credit after about 5 seconds of pushing the button. I'd say it happens approximately every 10 or 15 minutes. Do you know why the machines do this?

  • I notice people looking in the machine from the top to see a counter which has numbers on it. I have looked and I can see it but don't know what the numbers mean. I have been told that knowing these numbers and what they stand for can aid in the selection of picking a better machine. Can you explain this to me and perhaps identify the logic?

  • Is there a better day to go as far as the crowds and their effect on winnings?

  • How are the odds effected when you go into the bonus rounds where you select various objects to determine your ultimate winnings? Do these machines payout more than the hot 7's (Reel) type?

  • Does turning the power off and back on erase any of the memory or effect how it will pay out?

  • Mark, my specific questions are about how my favorite machine works - Wheel of Fortune. After you get a spin symbol on the pay line, is the dollar amount pre determined by the computer, or does the user control the random outcome by when the spin button is pushed? I have seen players wait upwards of 1 minute before they push the button.

  • I've heard that casinos by law have to have a certain percentage of the higher payout machines on the floor. i.e. out of 100 total machines,of all denominations, 2% have to be 98.5% or better, and I've heard that they usually put those 'required' higher payout machines in the high stakes areas. Any truth to that?

All of these questions and more are answered completely and honestly. If you have a burning question not covered here or in my guide, I'll gladly answer it for you. It's almost like you have a friend in the industry.