HI, Mark. I just bought your EGD guide after reading tons of advertisements for different methods to use for winning. Your honesty was a breath of fresh air, and even if the guide had proved worthless (which it Did Not!) it was worth the price just to learn that all those methods are B.S. After reading your guide I feel like a freakin' genius! It has exactly the sort of information I was looking for. Regards,

Mark, for a feather in your cap, I was playing the $5 slots using your method. While there I was talking to a lady about your book and the techniques you teach in it. I dumped around $500 in the slots and noticed she was watching other people play and as I walked away to get a drink (my machine was not hitting at all, here and there).At the Video Blackjack about an hour later I noticed a bell go off for around what seemed 10 minutes. I stretched my legs and walked over where all the commotion was at and there she was: the lady I talked to about your book. She found a $5 machine around the backside from where we were playing and hit for $47,395. She saw me and came over and kissed me on the cheek. Much to my surprise she saw my wife and myself about 2 hours after that and gave me $500 and wanted me to inform you that she will be spreading the word about your book. How cool was that!

Mark, I wanted to compliment you on your book. I am a professional writer and I must admit I was hesitant to purchase an eBook -- my experiences with self-published books have been weak at best. I expected it to be full of grammar and spelling errors, as well as have a condescending tone. Boy was I surprised! Not only was it well written, but it was also funny and engaging.

Mark, Thanks for getting back with me. I was staying at a Casino in Lake Charles, Louisiana... connected to their wireless network. I think what happened was they were blocking your website... Go figure :) Being a network consultant myself, I remotely accessed my machine at my house, downloaded the file on my home machine and then emailed it back to me via web based mail..... There is more than one way to skin a cat. By the way, we left the casino 8k positive. It was actual 5k net. The first day and half we were there we lost $3000 and my wife borrowed another $500. After I read the book, I told my wife to take the $500 and try it on the $5 slot machines. In 30 minutes, she won about $2000. That kept her going for another day 1/2. The last day, she went down to spend just one more hour in the casino. I told her, give the $5 Wheel of Fortune another try. Her second pull, $4000........she got three triple diamonds.....WHAT A TRIP. Anyway, I loved your book. Thanks for the great info.

Mark, I just wanted to let you know I purchased your secrets today and went to the Casino. I followed your hints on picking a machine and went home with $370 in my pocket. I normally am the queen of 1 and 5 cent slots, today I tried the $1 slots for the first time! Just thought I would share that with you. Thanks again,

Thanks so much for the EGDSecrets Book!! We went for our first casino experience this past weekend and your book is spot-on!! You will not believe me, but I will tell you anyway that at the third or fourth Video Poker machine I went to I hit the highly unlikely 'Royal Flush' - My husband and I freaked out!! Your information has been so helpful. We are very conservative, diciplined people so we were skeptical but tried your methods anyway - IT REALLY PAID OFF. Thanks so Much!!
Jo From Alabama

Mark, The straight forward description you gave about your guide prompted me to purchase it. I was hoping for a few tidbits of new knowledge, which I got, but mostly I wanted to confirm what I thought I knew from a source that seemed credible. I am happy to say the guide was well worth the $25. Thank you for your hard work and the attention to detail. Your myths & facts are excellent, your descriptions are accurate, and your betting strategies are sound (I especially like playing half the bankroll, then dropping denomination if losing).

Mark, I was super impressed with what you have put together... the credibility of your advertisement, and how well your product delivered exactly what you promised, in fact there was far more info than I expected. Thanks,

Mark, Thank you for your guide. It's the only info I have purchased and I'm glad I didn't waste my money on the others. I've been going to Vegas once or twice a year for the last few years and have read other info on slots. Yours is very informative!

Mark, Just a quick note to say thanks for the guide! It really proved helpful, and I took your advice and tried the quarter slot video poker, and WOW, you were right! I didn't win a HUGE amount, but my $20 turned into $80.

Hi Mark, I just wanted to tell you that I was intrigued by the info available online, as I have been playing the slots for about 4 years now, and really enjoy it, and have won a few tiny jackpots over the years. Well, I thought that what you had to say seemed legit, so I took a chance and bought your guide because I was planning a day trip to Mohegan Sun in a couple of days. I thought I might be a little wiser, or more armed with info. Well, I was happy to say that I hit a $1000.00 jackpot, which made me feel great!! Thank you!!

Mark: You have changed my experience at the casino for the better. Because of your honest and un-biased information I quit playing the slots which were basically taking my entertainment dollars in a few minutes. Now I have focused on the video poker gaming devices. Not only is this more enjoyable since I have to actually think and have some effect on the outcome of my wager, but I have been able to stay in the casino longer with the same funds. Thanks for allowing me to once again enjoy my visits to the casinos in Shreveport Louisiana. Best money I ever spent,

Hey, I purchased your guide I guess it was almost a month ago. I was one who was VERY skeptical at first, but ended up purchasing the guide. I don't know if it was your guide, or just pure luck, but honest to God, on my visit after purchasing your guide, I won the most I had ever won. I have been a pretty regular gambler I guess for about 3 years now, and on this last visit, let's just say I walked out with about 15X what I walked in with......keep up the good work. If you want to use me as a reference or whatever, that's up to you, but I know the truth, and the truth is that I won after using this guide. Thanks man!!!!!!

Dear Mark, I just purchased your book and would like to thank you for your honest guidelines. Hopefully more people listen to you so not to get sooooo hurt in the future. You are right, we should really play for fun and this is only possible if we play within our means.

Hello Mark, Thank you for the report, I have ordered many reports about slot machines and have tried the many systems recommended in them without success, but I always felt that there must be a report out there that is real and tells it like it is and I have to say your report is the best I have found. I think it will definitely help me be more successful at playing the slots which both my wife and I enjoy doing whenever we go to Vegas.

Hi Mark, I just finished reading you guide and found it very informative. I can't wait to try out some of your ideas.

Mark, Thanks for your speedy response & the excellent information. We just returned from 3 days at the Mohegan Sun Casino. Your guide was excellent, I am glad I came upon it while I was researching information on the useless Zig Zag system. My friend Maureen hit the 25 cent Video Poker machine for $1000.00 when she got a Royal Flush on a two card draw for a $1.25 bet. She was one happy person playing video poker for the first time. Keep up the good work.

Hi Mark, Just thought you might want to know I went to play slots, on Sunday, for the first time since reading your guide. The New York State Lottery opened a facility with 4,000 slot machines just outside of NYC. I figured since the facility just opened last October the odds would be better since they would naturally try to attract customers away from Atlantic City and the Indian casinos in Connecticut . Using the guide information I looked for a machince near the cashiers windows, also looked for a new type of game for at least a $1 per play. I found just the machine, it was a five reel machine which had dollar amounts on each reel from $1 to $5000. The object of the game was what ever dollar amount appeared on your the played reel you won. You could play from 1 credit to 5 credits ($1 - $5). Naturally I played the maximum credits. I started with a ticket for $89.10 and after playing six rounds the first reel gave me $11, the second $1,001 and the third $1,000, the fourth and fifth were blank for a total win of $2,012.00. Needless to say that made my day, especially considing I was playing the rest of day on their dime. Thanks again it was well worth the price. (PS. my net winnings on the day was $1,700.)

Mark I must start off saying it's refreshing to know that there is somebody out there who adheres to a strong sense of integrity! I get e-mails from a guy who tells me how to crack thousands out of a fruit slot machine!? I don't know what era he's still in sounds to be stuck in the 80's!

Mark, I bought your guide, and you sent me the link to FAQ. Good, useful information, and you opened my eyes about the nickel machines versus video poker.

Mark, Thanks. I just bought your ebook. ... I can absolutely respect what you are doing. I too "fight for the little guy". You seem genuinely concerned and honest. I help people with creditors going after them. I will enjoy reading this because I like to understand how things work.

I bought and downloaded your guide, and find it very "refreshing". No bull. I like that. The information you pass along is obviously from someone who knows the inside of slot machines. I have researched the mechanics of the slot machines in an attempt to find out just how they work, not just looking for a "system" to win. Your guide is the most informative I have found.

Thank you for your great guide - it helped me clear up some misconceptions I had.

P.S. Went to Shreveport last nite and won $2000 on slots. Thanks Much

I bought your guide, and read it through. I like what I hear, it all makes sense, and I'm glad you put it out there at a reasonable price.
Thanks for all your help, DJ